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Best Keylogger for Windows 7 64 bit and 32 bits

PC Desktop Spy Keylogger, an excellent computer covert surveillance family keylogger software for Windows 7 including 64 bit and 32 bit, it is able to capture screen shot of whole screen or only capture active windows at your set interval ( it is flexible, it does not to take screenshot when keyboard and mouse are idle for x seconds ); and it can log every keystroke that input by keyboard. This program can work in stealth mode and is next to impossible to detect as it doesn't show any window at runtime and its storage location is hidden. What more, it does not require any physic need as it can send logs to your mail box, which can ensure you are the only who could have a look at the logs. No doubt, it is the best keylogger for Windows 7 64 bit & 32 bit and Windows Vista to monitor others’ online activities.

Why We Need Best Windows 7 Keylogger

With the development of network today, the Internet has became one necessary source from which we obtain knowledge and information, in the meaning time a convenient and efficient tool to communicate. Not only young people but also other age groups might prefer to interact with others via instant messenger, text message, or E-mail rather than face to face or on the phone. The scale of net development is growing, the quantity of information we can get from Internet is elevating. However, there is a shortage of uniform management of it all, the proliferation of any kind and unrestricted information, the steady rise of criminal and pornographic use of it. The Internet is not that safe and healthy as we expect, while almost every family owns at least one computer these days, there are a number of reasons why people want to monitor their or other’s computer using PC Desktop Spy Keylogger. They might have children and they want to investigate what their kids are doing with computer. These windows 7 keylogger software are also required by people who involved in unhappy relationships and they do want to find out if their other half are dating someone else. As the windows 7 hit the market, many people abandon using windows XP. But many keylogger software don’t support Win7 system or don’t support windows 7 64 bit system. While our software is compatible with windows 7 64 bit and 32 bit perfectly.

How Can This Best Family Windows 7 Keylogger Help You

1. Parental control.
As a parent, you care much about your kids’ health and safety both their physical and mental. You can not always be behind your kids when they using computer, while you worry about your children might under bad influence of network, you want to know what they do online and to understand their psychology. With the help of this best family windows 7 keylogger - PC Desktop Spy Keylogger, parents can know easily what children do with computer through logs of keystrokes and screen shots, thus to guide them to surfer the Internet healthily and safely, further more on friendly terms with kids.

2. Spouse monitor.
Falling in love with an handsome prince is easy, but maintaining the marriage and enjoying a happy family life turn out to be much more difficult and challenging. Maybe you are involving in a unhappy with your other half, you suspect him/ she is dating with somebody else secretly and you do want to find out the truth. Just install this stealth keylogger software in your windows 7 64 bit or 32 bits computer, it records instant messages with program window caption, it is simple to know who your spouse chatted with and what content they chatted. Thereby to discern the trail of clues.


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