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Transfer Files Between Computers in LAN

No matter you work in a company, a school, or other place, computer and network are necessaries of work. That is to say, files or documents are all in computer, files exchange is needful. Thus, how to transfer files between computers in local area network is an urgently to be solved problem. There are more than one way to transfer files from one computer to another computer, choose the most convenient and easiest way is our expectation. By reading the following text, you will find that LAN Desktop Spy Monitor is the best software to transfer documents through computers in LAN.

Some Common Used Ways to Transfer Files Between Computers

1, Use shared folders to transfer files.
We can set a shared folder in every computer, then it allows us to transfer documents to this shared folder via any computer in LAN, and access its files by any computer. The disadvantage of this way is we can only view files in shared folder, when we need to look up documents in other folders, we have to copy them to shared folder first.
2, Use MSN and other chat software to transfer documents.
It is possible to deliver via MSN, Yahoo! Messenger, ICQ, Skype and other instant messenger software. But this way is quite troublesome, because it need other person’s assist that can we finish transfer. For example, when you want other person transfer a file to you, you need to tell him/ her in advance via cell phone or MSN.
3. Use LAN Desktop Spy Monitor to transfer files.
This is the most convenient way to deliver documents, with this great software, we can manage documents in LAN optionally. For instant, we can transfer our files to other staff’s computer in any folders, and get their documents to our computer easily. Furthermore, it doesn’t need other person do any thing, it can finish without their attention, that is to say, transfer won’t interrupt other’s work. Use this program deliver files don’t need other person to agree or assist, only by ourselves can we finish all these works. Thus it is widely used for transferrin files, issuing documents and computer room managing documents in LAN.

Remote Desktop Monitoring Software

Transfer Files Between Computers in LAN with LAN Desktop Spy Monitor

It is very easy to use this software, just install control station software in your own computer and install controlled station in other’s computer. And here I will solve you guys’ some confusion. If other person’s computer doesn’t install controlled station software, transfer process won’t realize. It can’t deliver folders because we can nest folder within folder ad infinitum, it is a complicated process, so this software can only transfer files but no folders. We can’t deliver documents from A controlled station computer to B controlled station computer directly, but we can send documents in A controlled station computer to control station computer, and then send them to B controlled station computer by way of control station computer.


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