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Stealth Software to Capture Screenshots

PC Desktop Spy Keylogger, at first, it is software that works in hidden mode; and then, it is able to capture screenshots. Therefore, it is a nice invisible program to capture screenshots. PC Desktop Spy Keylogger captures screen shots in real time; it can be as frequently as every second, for this reason, continuous activities on computer could be recorded vivaciously and clearly. The captured pictures has high quality will be saved automatically and secretly. If you require, it can auto send recorded data to your appointed mail box timely, thus there is no distance problem when you are away from the target computer.
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PC Desktop Spy Keylogger is easy to use, it has a user-friendly graphical interface, follow its step can install and run it easily. It can auto start once computer runs, and begin to take screen shot once the specified program active. This tiny program can also log keystrokes include instant message, email, Face book, Twitter, user name and password etc. the recorded logs can be sent via email. All in all, PC Desktop Spy Keylogger is really nice stealth software to capture screenshots, especially for windows 8, 7, Vista, XP OS.

Stealth Software to Capture Screenshots Is Used As:

Stealth software -- PC Desktop Spy Keylogger, can be used in many fields.

Firstly, it works as ordinary screen shots capture software; you can use it to help you capture your programs that you require, like take snap shots of a movie or TV play, capture picture of online computer games and so on.

Secondly, it is used as children monitoring software, when you find your kid spent much time on computers, as a parent, you must be anxious about his or her health and development, because internet is complicated, it is easy for teenagers go down to the wrong road. With this great monitoring software to keep an eye on kid’s computer behavior, parents are able to get know whether kids do something improper, and then act appropriately to the situation, prevent children from bad influence of computer and network.

Thirdly, it works as stealth monitoring software to catch cheating person. When you find some signs that your spouse, friends or employees might do something bad behind you, for example, your spouse or sweetheart friend date with other person online secretly, your employee or friend steal your important data. All these issues tell us that stealth screenshot capture software is needful to help us find evidence and truth.



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