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How to Spy Other People's ICQ Conversation Message

ICQ ( i seek you ), one of the most popular instant messaging computer program, it is widely used by American and other countries to communicate with each other. ICQ features include offline user messaging, multi-user chats, resumable file transfers, greeting cards, multiplayer games, a searchable user directory, free SMS from ICQ to mobile, voice and video communication, and allows users to send a short message without opening a conversation window, a "follow me" service directly to the user’s mobile, a multi-chat service and support for animated icons language. With so many functions, no doubt it owns a great number of users. Some people may want to monitor other’s ICQ messages for some reasons, such as to know well about their kids’ online behavior and psychology, to find evidence if their spouse are dating with someone else secretly, or to analyze and track incidents linked to the use of instant messenger for security purpose. PC Desktop Spy Keylogger is your best choice to monitor others' ICQ messages.

How to Spy Others’ ICQ Text Message

ICQ allows you to chat with all of your friends in one app, it is convenient and free, so you can forget about costly SMS and MMS. And it can send instant messages to your contacts in ICQ and to your friends on Facebook and Google+. Many people use ICQ to send text message. PC Desktop Spy Keylogger is an excellent text monitor and record keylogger, it is able to log every keystroke which input with keyboard, record all username and passwords typed with program window caption, of course, its text content also can be monitored and recorded. It allows you to know who he/she chatted with in ICQ, when and what they chatted. And it delivers log via email to your appointed mailbox, makes you the only one to know and view the logs.

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How to Spy Others’ ICQ Voice Message

Voice chat and video chat is more convenient and faster than text chat, for it can save the time of typing text, so it is a priority selection for some people to chat via voice communication and video communication. When you consider to spy someone’s voice chat conversation, don’t hesitate, just install Voice Chat Spy Recorder in their computer, it will record sound of ICQ chat automatically. If you want to know more, it can also fit your request for it is able to spy and record not only voice chat message of instant messengers, but also streaming audio from Internet, music played by all kinds of players, sound from microphone, earphone, line-in, etc. What is more, it could record sound near computer, such as sound from TV, radio, CD player, telephone and cell phone. It is just like installed an audio monitor in your room. It can record sound on the fly without interruption and the recorded sound has high quality. This program shows no window or icon, its install path is hidden, and it requires certain hotkey and password to enter it, so others has no chance to discover it. Voice Chat Spy Recorder is great voice message monitoring software to let you solve how to spy other people's ICQ voice conversation message.


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