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Remote Computer Monitoring Software

We may face the same problems: my own computer being used by someone secretly, some important information is stolen or missing; my husband / wife ( or boyfriend / girlfriend ) always chatting with somebody of the opposite sex intimately; my kid is fond of surfing the Internet, he spends too much time on computer. All these problems require us to solve correctly and quickly. Install a hidden computer monitoring software in computer can be a good method. However, most of these kinds of software only can monitor and record logs on monitored computer, when you are away from home for a long time, you have no choice but leave it alone, because you have no way to access it. Don’t worry, now PC Desktop Spy Keylogger can help you to access logs remotely, no matter where you are.

Features of This Invisible Remote Computer Monitoring Software

1, The most noticeable characteristic of remote computer monitoring software of course is it can remotely spy computer, as it is able to transfer log reports via email. This wonderful desktop monitoring program can record every keystroke which input by keyboard, capture screen shots in real time, and then saves it in a hidden storage location automatically( of course you know it and can set it). Besides, it sends these recorded data to your appointed mailbox. Since then, no matter you are on a business trip abroad or take a vocation in a distant place, you are able to know what others do on computer just log in your mailbox.

PC Spy Software

2, Another important feature of this remote keylogger is it works in absolutely stealth mode. It doesn't display any window during runtime, has no trace in Add/Remove Programs, Start menu or Applications, and without icons, shortcuts or other items. Its keystroke and screen shot storage location is hidden. Other people have no chance to find it, let alone to access it.

3, PC Desktop Spy Keylogger is also flexible. Because it can set to only take pictures of active windows, and don’t take screen shot when keyboard and mouse are idle for X seconds. Moreover, it will only capture scree shots when specified application is active, for example, MSN, Facebook and so on.

Some suggestions when using remote computer monitoring software

1. It is only used for family monitoring and company control, don’t use it for immoral or illegal purposes.

2. It can record all input keystrokes, so you can view text chat of messengers and email that sent by the monitored person, but it can not record text chat of messengers and email that received. Yet you can get them clearly by viewing captured screen shots, on account of it takes screen pictures as frequently as every second.

3. Every software has its own serial number and activation code, it can only install in one computer, when you buy this software and want to install it, think carefully which computer you to monitor on earth. It is quite troublesome to remove it to another computer.


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