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Online Sound Recording Software

Network world is an amazing place where brings us quite a lot of amusement and enjoyment. At here, you can view interesting or valuable websites, play exciting online games, watch good movies or funny shows, chat with your friends, listen to beautiful songs etc. Almost every activity we do online can not depart from sound: audio and video chat have sound, music and films cause sound, online games produce sound, even browse website can also make sounds. In many ways we need online sound recording software to record sounds down. Voice Chat Spy Recorder is just software to help you with sound monitoring and recording.

What Can This Online Sound Recording Software Do For You

1. Monitor and record audio and video chat contents of instant messengers. This family software works in stealth mode, it can log sounds from online audio chat and video chat secretly, such as voice chat contents from MSN, Skype, Yahoo! Messenger, QQ, voice chat room, ICQ and so on. The recorded sounds will be saved automatically with high quality and can be played in any player. Thus you can know clearly what your spouse, your kids or other family member chat with others online.

Voice Chat Spy Recorder

2. It helps you to record music you enjoy on your favorite online radio station. You might be a music lover, you like listening music in online radio station, but there are so many different channels, it can sometimes be difficult to capture and save for later enjoyment. Well, Voice Chat Spy Recorder can record music from almost any Windows application, including You tube, Real Player, iTunes and many more automatically, you don’t have to regret not saving it.

3. Log streaming audio from online web-based audio sources, record sounds from microphone, earphone, line-in, etc.

4. Besides these, this undetectable software is able to log sounds near computer, such as sound from TV, radio, CD player, telephone and cell phone. It is just like an audio monitor has installed in your room.

Some Comments on This Online Sound Recording Software

1. Alison is mother of a 14 years old boy, her son was indulged in computer, paid too much attention on surfing the Internet, his study fell behind. She came across several times that her boy online audio chatted with others online, she really wanted to know who her so talked to, and what content they chatted. So she installed Voice Chat Spy Recorder in her son’s computer, and then she know her son has fallen in love with a girl, he chatted much with that girl. Alison realized it was a proper time to teach her boy some correct idea about study and love, and her son’s both study and first love has a good result now.

2. Jason is a 19 years old young man, he is really into music, he spends most of his spare time on listening music. Of course, online radio station is his love, some beautiful songs play on radio he wants to share them later, so he installs this wonderful software in his computer, he can record and appreciate them later. And he quite satisfies with this software.



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