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Best Network Administration Software To Remote Manage LAN Computer

LAN Desktop Spy Monitor is the best undetectable network remote administration software for managers to monitor all computers in company. With it, you can monitoring and remote control employees' computer in real time. And it is the best remote LAN file management software to manage all the files in your LAN. Furthermore, keystroke logging, website recording, transfer rate recording, process forbidding, website filtering, is available too in this tool.


Why We Need Network Administration Software

Along with the development of technology, computer has became a necessary tool for employees to work with in companies nowadays. No doubt, computer and network bring considerable convenience to us, they allow us to deliver and exchange documents and information much faster and more convenient, we can get information and news from the Internet. In addition, it provide us a way to relax during break, such as listening some music, playing a funny game, reading news and so on. However, everything has two sides, computerized office network benefits us at the same time brings some problems to us. Many employees do non-work related thing during work hours, it seriously slows down the network speed, thus to affect not only themselves but also others’ work efficiency. What’s worse, staff use network to reveal company secrets to competing companies, company may suffer great damage. As a consequence, using invisible and secret network management software to manage network use and employee’s behavior online is very needful.

What can best network administration software do for you

1. Monitor and capture employees’ computer in real time, you can see many staff’s computer screen at the same time, let you know what programs you staff are running.

Network Administration Software

2. Log all keystrokes of your staff, no matter contents of their chat message and email or files that modified by them, all can’t escape from being recorded.

3. Record website that they visited, prevent employees visiting high risk, illegal and unhealthy websites, monitor download and upload transferring speed of staff’s computer timely and record it down automatically when the transfer rate outs of limit.

4. Remote administrate and control your staff’s computer document, you are able to manage other computers in LAN like upload, download, rename, delete etc, and terminate program which is running on the employee's computer easily just with your own keyboard and mouse.

5. Send message or command to employee's computer remotely, and ban them using USB or other storage device. With this strong functional software, managers could administrate network easily just like you have hired some supervisory personnel to help you supervise employees’ online behavior during office hours. Consequently your staff won’t do other thing and pay attention on their work. Of course, effective work time can be ensured and productivity will be improved. Confidential and proprietary information will be prevented from leaking and computer and other resource waste can be reduced. All in all, LAN Desktop Spy Monitor can push the development of company.

As the saying: “Better safe than sorry” , we should prepare in advance before there really something bad happen. Install this best network administration software, help managers to control and manage network and employees more convenient, prevent important business being leaked, improve employees’ work efficiency, push company even better.



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