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How to Monitor Network Traffic

Many netizens ask in online forums about how to monitor network traffic. Some net citizens share network with other people in a house, sometimes internet gets really slow and feels like it's being stressed, they want to see who is on the entire network and to monitor each users traffic to see if someone is eating up all the bandwidth. And some net citizens have a home network with more than two computers, and have teenage kids who watch quite a bit of YouTube and they may does not believe they use a lot of bandwidth, parents want to get evidence to prevent them using internet too much. For some managers, they worry about slow network speed, depressed by employees who always download online in LAN that cause network traffic is fairy small. Of course there are also other factors, all in all, network traffic monitoring is a necessary trend at present. At here I will commend you a wonderful software - LAN Desktop Spy Monitor for network traffic monitoring.

How to Monitor Network Traffic with LAN Desktop Spy Monitor

It is very easy to use this program, just download it, install server app in your computer and agent app in other users’ computer, and all is done.

This excellent local area network traffic monitoring software is easy to install, has a very clean interface, it helps you to monitor other computers’ network traffic, and you can view at your own computer, it determines which users and what applications are using maximum bandwidth, and drill down for conversational details.It also can monitor download and upload transferring speed of your employees’s computer in real time, it will record it automatically when the transfer rate outs of limits ( you can set network traffic transfer limit). In this way, you are able to monitor all computers in LAN, catch the man who should to be blamed for he might use the most of network traffic, and he cause other’s network speed is quite slow. Besides this function, this network traffic monitoring program can capture screen shots, log keystrokes, record websites visit of computers that you monitor. What is more, you can manage other computers in LAN easily like upload, download, rename, delete etc, terminate program which is running on others’ computer, and forbid they running some certain programs. When you want to know your kid’s or your spouse’s online behavior, it can be greatly helpful.
Choose good and proper software to monitor network traffic is extremely importance for some net citizens who share local area network with others. For they maybe need to find out a black sheep who “stole” all other’s network; they might be parents who want to monitor their kid’s online activities and protect kid from Internet danger; perhaps they are bosses who urgently want to monitor their staff’s computer use and limit they network traffic. Don’t hesitate, LAN Desktop Spy Monitor is really a wonderful choice.


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