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Quick Start
Server ( For Manager)
    File Menu
    Option Menu
    View Menu
    User List
    Remote Control
    Remote File Manage
Agent (For Employee)

Full Screen

Click this menu, the program will work with full screen status. If you want to exit from full screen, please press ESC of the keyboard to exit.

Hide Toolbar

Click this to hide the toolbar of main window. Click it again to show it.

Hide Left Bar

Click this to hide the statistics information and User List in the left of main window. Click it again to show it.

Hide Tabs

Click this to hide tabs of main window.

Monitor one user/Monitor all users:

when you added many users, you can click these two menus to switch between Monitor one user and Monitor all users at random.

Notice: When you select to monitor one user only, the histories such as screenshots and keylogger of other users still be recorded and saved to the local disk of server computer if you check the relevant options.

Keylogger/Screen/Websites/Transfer Rate/Set Parameter/Remote Control

Select these menus to switch to relevant tab.

Notice: If you need to switch the tabs of one user when the Navigation Bar are hidden, you need to click in any control of this user to active it and then press Ctrl+Tab

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