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LAN Network Monitoring Software

It is closely related with every employee’s professional dedication and self-discipline to ensure company runs well and has high work efficiency. LAN network monitoring software assists company managers in impelling employees to use resources, manage time and plunge into work reasonably and efficiently, forbidding them chatting and doing other non-work related activities, what is more, it can prevent confidential and important information being leaked by staff. Thus, many firms have been using LAN network monitoring software to maintain company’s office environment, and it has gained more and more support and understanding. Among so many stealth supervising software, LAN Desktop Spy Monitor must be your first and best choice.

Functions of This LAN Network Monitoring Software

1. Supervising function. With the function of monitoring employees’ computer screen in real time and recording all keystrokes, managers could know exactly what employees do online, such as the the content of their email sent or received, online chat content, document file that being modified, copied, deleted, cut, renamed and other operation. Whether they do something that non-work related will under your control without any physical need. And it can also monitor download and upload transferring speed timely, it will record it automatically when the transfer rate outs of limits.

Remote Desktop Monitoring Software

2. Remote control function. Managers can control employees to function specified programs or forbid some programs. At the same time, you are able to forbid your staff using USB and other storage set, ban them browsing some appointed website or only allow them to browse some sites. What is more, you can use your own mouse or keyboard to start or terminate programs in your employee’s computer with LAN network monitoring software.
3. Management function. Managers could administrate all files in your staff’s computer remotely just as easy as your own especially they without the slightest warning. You can manage other computers in LAN easily like upload, download, rename, delete etc.
4. Security measure function. Using the Internet to communicate is certainly convenient, but the confidential business data can be easily leaked to competitors through open Internet. With this wonderful tool, every action on computer of employees can be monitored and controlled, and the file transfer security can be ensured. There is no chance for employees revealing information.

LAN Network Monitoring Software used in parental control

LAN Desktop Spy Monitor is mainly used in employee monitoring, it also plays a great role in parental control aspect.
1, Supervise what website your kids visited, guide them to surf the Internet healthily and safely.
2, Monitor kids’ online chat content and game them played, know well about they psychology.
3, Keep an eye on kids’ all activities online, keep them free from negative influence of Internet.
4, Restrict content and time for kids using computer, for example, parents can set to ban your kids from using Skype, playing computer game or visiting some sites.



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