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PC Desktop Spy Keylogger

PC Desktop Spy Keylogger - Invisible PC Desktop Monitoring Software

1, Record all keystroke include username, password and chat message history.
2, Take screenshot of the entire desktop or active window at set intervals.
3, Send all the keystroke logs and screenshot logs to your email.

PC Desktop Spy Keylogger is an undetectable home computer spy software that records all keystrokes and captures screenshots secretly. It helps you to resolve the problem about how to know accurately what other people do on your personal computer when you are not at home. This hidden keylogger software allows you to stealthily log all keystroke activities of PC users including username and password, messenger conversations and other keystrokes. It can also automatically capture screenshots of entire desktop or active windows at set intervals as an invisible camera. Furthermore, it supports to logs report delivery via email, you can monitor the PC user remotely without any physical need.
PC Desktop Spy Keylogger is completely undetectable to computer users. There is no way of finding the software on the computer by accident, because it doesn't show any window at runtime, has no icon and no short cuts in desktop and other place. You could set the recorded data saved in a hidden place, making you the only one that will be able to watch the recorded data. It support all windows system include 32 bits and 64 bits Windows XP, Vista and Windows7.
This PC Desktop Monitoring Software is a uer-friendly graphical interface program that makes it easy for beginners. It is wildly used to monitor what your family members do with computer. There is no virus in this software, but because it is a spy software, so your antivirus software maybe disable it. It only does what is declared in our website. Please add it to the white list of your antivirus software.

Usage Manual

LAN Desktop Spy Monitor
$89 ...

LAN Desktop Spy Monitor - Remote LAN Desktop Monitoring Software

1, Monitor all the computer desktop which in LAN timely.

2, Record all keystroke which typed in other computers in your lan.

3, Remote control any computer just like you are using your own Computer.
4, Remote file management. You can get all the files in your LAN and needn't they permission.
5, Forbid to open specified program.
6, Record website visit. Forbid or allow to open specified website.
LAN Desktop Spy Monitor is a remote LAN desktop monitoring software, a wonderful tool for employee monitoring. It allows managers to know exactly what your employees do with computers during their working hours. This LAN surveillance software can not only improve your staff’s work effectiveness and productivity, prevent the confidential and proprietary information from being revealed by your staff, but also reduce effectively resource waste of computer. What is more, it can remote control and administrate, makes it easy and convenient to manage without any physical need.
LAN Desktop Spy Monitor can remote capture the screen of employees’ computer timely, you can view quite a few employees’ computer screen at the same time. It logs all keystrokes and website visit, filters some sites, it also records download and upload transferring speed. LAN Desktop Spy Monitor saves the keystrokes, screen shots, websites visit and transfer rate automatically. It can be remotely controlled and administrated that you don’t need to at your compute. You can send message or command to employees’ computer remotely and forbid them to use USB storage device. LAN Desktop Spy Monitor can make sure the network security of company. Finally to realize the unified management and effective monitoring of network computers and resources. You can free trial it before you purchase it.
Usage Manual

Voice Chat Spy Recorder

Voice Chat Spy Recorder

1, Record all the voice chat conversation when other people use skype, yahoo messenger, etc.
2, Record all environment sound include somebody is calling, etc.
Voice Chat Spy Recorder is a computer monitoring software, it can spy and record all the sound/ voice in your computer stealthily, including voice chat message of instant messengers, streaming audio from Internet, music played by Winamp, Windows Media Player, sound from microphone, earphone, line-in, etc. This Voice Chat Spy Recorder is mainly used to record and monitor Voice Chat of instant messengers timely, such as MSN Voice Chat, Skype Voice Chat, Yahoo!Messenger Voice chat, ICQ Voice Chat, QQ Voice Chat, etc. If your sound card support, the input sound of microphone or the output sound of earphone can also be recorded clearly. Recorded chat voice with high quality will save automatically in WAV file formate and can be replayed in any audio player. Voice Chat Spy Recorder even can record the sound from peripheral equipment, such as the sound from TV, radio, CD player, telephone and cell phone.
Voice Chat Spy Recorder works secretly, shows no window at runtime, has no icon and no short cuts, and the only way for you to access it is via certain hot keys( Default hotkey is Ctrl + Alt + R). Voice Chat Spy Recorder is easy to use, it is a great tool to monitor online chat voice of your children and spouse. You can use this spy software in conjunction with the desktop monitoring software above.
Usage Manual
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