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How to spy on a computer

PC Desktop Spy Keylogger is the best software to solve the problem of how to spy on a computer. Now, The network is like a double-edged sword, it can be a hazard, as well as a boon. For teenagers, network activates they on the one hand, and puzzles them on the other hand. For spouses, network allows they to communicate more convenient for one thing, and gives a way for extramarital relationship online for another thing. For managers, network provides an efficient method for their employees to work better on one side, and brings convenience for employees to do recreational activities during working hours and give secret company information away on the other side. All these explain the network can be a trouble if use improperly.

As parents, you may want to know what your kids do with computer, keep them free from negative influence of Internet and guide them to surf the Internet healthily and safely. As for spouse, you must want to find the truth of your other half if he/ she really keeps a romantic relationship with others. As for managers, you can be very eager to catch the one who leak your confidential data of company. How to spy on a computer? Don’t worry, PC Desktop Spy Keylogger can help you to solve all these troubles.

How to Use PC Desktop Spy Keylogger to Spy on a Computer

1, Log every keystroke typed with keyboard. This program makes it possible for you to know all other users’ username and password, especially the content of their Skype / MSN Messenger/ ICQ/ AOL Messenger/ AIM/ QQ / Yahoo! Messenger text chat conversations, let you know accurately the person you monitored when and what he/she talked, who he/ she talked to. Besides, you can know all text content of sent email and other files that being modified.
2, Capture screenshots of entire desktop or active windows in real time. This spy software just like a covert camera, takes snapshot from time to time at your set interval, it can continually take photos as frequent as every second, your can view the activities of users quite clearly and accurately, such as the websites they visited, game played, e-mails sent or received, chat room conversations and instant messages sent or received.
3, Send logs to your mailbox automatically. This invisible keylogger can send the recorded keystroke and screenshot to your appointed mailbox without any body need, you can supervise others remotely. What’s more, it makes sure others could not discover this spy software, and you are the only one to know and check the logs.

PC Spy Software

PC Desktop Spy Keylogger works in absolutely stealth mode, there is no way for others to find it. If you want to know your child’s online activities, prevent him from Internet danger in advance; if you need to find out a spy among your employees urgently; if you really intend to find evidence about your spouse cheating. In a word, how to spy on a computer, just need install this spy software in their computer, you can spy on their computer and get what you want.


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