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Home Network Monitoring Software

With the rapid development of Internet and computer technology, we can get informed all the events around the world through the Internet just stay at home. If you are away from your family and friends, the moment when you are quite longing for them, you do not have to surfer from this pain, because video chat and voice chat provide you a good way to release your longing, it helps you to chat and see your relatives and friends. During network age, information is everywhere. E-commerce, network office, e-learning, online shopping, Internet surfing, all make our work, our study and our life much easier and more comfortable. However, the same time when we enjoy happiness that network brings to us, network games emerge in endlessly, online chat and friends, all pervasive network hackers, business spy and illegal websites which are full of eroticism and violence. All these bring us endless trouble and pain, even threat and disaster. So home network monitoring software is urgently needed, and LAN Desktop Spy Monitor is wonderful software for home network monitoring.

Why We Need Home Network Monitoring Software

When your better half chat online with other net friends, is it likely for him / her to hit on his /her first love and fall in love with him/ her again?Have your family member leaked out their bank card information or other important information online deceived by evil designs people? When your children are indulged in online games during study time; when they browse pornography sites and violent sites secretly which make their pure heart polluted; when they pick up some bad habits which lured by network wrong crowds; when they are misguided because they make bad friends on the Internet. As parents, do you know nothing about it or are you at a loss even though you know it when you face these issues? All these incidents tell us a result, it is very urgent for a family to have home network monitoring software to monitor family members’ computer use, in order to protect them from network threat and danger.

Functions of Home Network Monitoring Software

Remote Desktop Monitoring Software

1, Take pictures of every computer screen in real time, you are able to view all computers in your house at the same time, and know clearly what programs are running on computer.
2, Record every keystroke input with keyboard. Username, password and input text content of their instant messenger, Facebook, twitter and so on all can be logged down.
3, Log every sites they visited, and you can set to forbid them visiting some certain websites which may contain improper content for your kids or something else.
4, Record network traffic, it can monitor download and upload transferring speed, when transfer rate outs of limit, it will record it down automatically.
5, Remote control, it is allows you to manage and control other computers at your home just in your computer. You can stop programs which are running in other’s computer with your own mouse and keyboard, and you are able to upload, download, rename, delete their document in their computers.


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