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PC Desktop Spy Keylogger Usage Manual

After installation is completed, you will see a registration prompt pop up. You can click "Try" button to evaluate the function limited version or click "Purchase" button to get a fully functional version.

Notice: This PC Spy Software will auto run after you install it. If you want to run it subsequently, you can double click the file "Myss.exe" in the installation path. The default installation path is "D:\Program Files\pdsk".

By clicking "Try" button, you will go to the configure windows.
PC Spy Software
This PC Spy Software has three main functions: Log Keystroke, Take Screenshot and Send Email.

Log Keystroke Setting:
Log Keystroke --Select this option to enable/disable keystroke logging. It will record and log any keystroke typed on the computer, including username and passwords typed with program window caption, Email content, typed websites addresses, Windows Live Messenger / Skype / MSN Messenger / ICQ / AOL Messenger / AIM / QQ / Yahoo! Messenger's chat typed!

Take Screen Shot Setting:
In this configuration, it is available to fulfill more flexible modes of screenshot according to your actual need through the three options as below:

A: Take Screenshot -- Select this option to enable/disable screen snapshot taking.

B: Only capture active Windows -- If this option is selected, PC Desktop Spy Keylogger will only take the active windows screenshot.

C: Active window process filtering (If more then one, separated by commas) -- You can specified some applications by adding the related application process name in the box. When one of these applications are active, the computer screen or active window will be captured at set intervals.It is beneficial to monitor valuable information and decrease the disk space.
For example: if you enter the process name of Windows Live Messenger "msnmsgr.exe", it will only take screenshot when the Windows Live Messenger is active;

Email Delivery Setting

Email deliver recorded log file to a specified e-mail address. This function will let you remotely monitor what users of the machine are doing without having to physically be at the machine to do.

Send To -- Set a valid in-box which will receive the logs report;

Send From -- Set a valid outbox which is used to send the logs report;
Notice: Generally, We can set the same email address to be "Send To" and "Send From" email address.

Other Setting

Auto run on Windows Startup -- If you wish to PC Desktop Spy Keylogger automatically start each time with the computer starts, please select this option. In most cases, We should checked it.

Screenshot and keystroke storage location -- You can optionally change the location that is used to save screen snapshots and keystroke logs. By default, The logs are saved in "data" folder which in the installation path. Default is "D:\Program Files\pdsk\data".

Hide the screenshot storage location and keystroke storage location -- Select this option to hide the snapshot and logged data storage folders.

Screenshot interval -- You can change the screenshot taken time. For performance reasons an interval of 20 seconds is recommended. Lower values will increase the number of screen snapshots taken.


After configuration is completed, please click the "Apply" button to save the change. Then the monitor will run with the new configurations.
If the software is not started yet, you will see a pop up saying "The monitoring software is not started, do you want to start it now?" Just click "Yes" to have the software start monitoring.



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