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How to Get Someone’s Email Password

Email is one of the most popular communication in this network age. It is fast, cheap and concise, so email has become a wildly-used way for people to contact with others. Companies use email to transfer files and communicate with clients, manufacturers and supermarkets use email to promote and advertise their products, ordinary people use email to communicate with their relatives, friends, workmate and so on. In many cases, we can see the words -- “contact us at email”. Have to, email is really a important contact method. Generally, we have passwords protection for our email, it is unlikely for other person to access your private mail box. In case, we really need to access someone’s mail box for special use, what should we do? You don’t need to do much difficult in deed, if you with PC Desktop Spy Keylogger.

How to get someone’s email password via PC Desktop Spy Keylogger

PC Desktop Spy Keylogger is invisible computer software, all you need to do is install it in your appointed computer, and it will get all the other job down. It can auto start as soon as computer runs, it runs in background, doesn't show any window at runtime, no trace in Add/Remove Programs, Start menu, Applications, and no icons, shortcuts or other items. When the monitored person logs in his os her mail box, it can recorded password down at once. Not only email password but also email contents all can be logged down. In addition, this stealth keylogger supports logs delivery via email, it can automatically deliver the logs by way of specified email at set interval. You can get email password and contents remotely without any physically need. Google mail, Hot mail, Yahoo! Mail, AOL mail and other email, all can not escape from the fate of being recorded.

Some suggestions when you want to get other people's email password

1, Do not use this keylogger for illegal uses. You might use this keylogger software to get your spouse’s or kid’s email password or email contents when you suspect your spouse of cheating, or you find your kid behaves a litter stranger in recent for he or she spends too much time on computer secretly and falls back on his or her grades. it may help you to find some truth. But you can not use it for other improper or illegal functions.

2, You must be able to access the monitored person’s computer. Only you can get into the computer, can you install this stealth software, then can you get to know their email password and contents.

3, Try to calm down and think twice when you think you spouse is cheating on you, do not be impetuous if you have no evidence. The moment when you are quite angry and want to question your spouse, calm down , you should find the truth at first, maybe get his or her email password and contents can be a better way.



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