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Computer Lab Monitoring Software

Almost every school has computer labs for students to have computer lessons or other classes these days. Supervising a class of students in a computer lab or a classroom with multiple student computers can often be a hassle. When students have the option of choosing between a computer screen and the teacher, they will often choose the computer. Without question, there will be students playing computer games, visiting other websites, or just basically goofing off. As a teacher, it is really an intolerable thing to have students doing their own things during class and you have no effective way to restraint it. Now, you can trust LAN Desktop Spy Monitor, superb monitoring software for computer lab management.

This Computer Lab Monitoring Software Has Following Functions:

1. Monitor students’ computer activities. LAN Desktop Spy Monitor is able to monitor some particular students’ or all students’ computer screens in real time by matrix screen, teachers could see clearly with their own computer what is going on in students’ computer. Besides, it could log all keystrokes down, lets teachers know if students is inputting what you asked or chatting with others for fun.

Remote Desktop Monitoring Software

2. Filter websites visit. You can set some websites that are forbidden to visit, select which websites your class can view. Preventing students browsing funny pages instead of following teacher and tasks.
3. Remote control. Teachers can not only monitor students’ computer activity, but also control their computer. This computer software makes it possible for you to terminate programs which are running on student’s computer, send message or command to their computer remotely, or even forbid them using USB storage device.
4. Distant documents management. Teachers can manage documents in students’ computers in computer room easily like copy, upload, download, rename, delete etc.
5. Log network traffic. It can monitor download and upload transferring speed of students’ computers in real time. It will record it down automatically when the transfer rate outs of limits. Thus you can know whether someone is downloading something or not.

Having this excellent computer lab monitoring software to help teacher with students computer activities monitoring and management, both teacher and students can benefit from it. First of all, teacher is able to manage students well, thus to spend more time on teaching and less time on everything else. In the mean time, students know that all their activities are under teacher’s control, they will concentrate on class tasks and teacher. And then, this program allows teacher to remote files management, teacher can get students coursework easily. In the next place, teacher can send messages and command to all or some certain students when they zone out or do something improper during class. All in all, LAN Desktop Spy Monitor has the capability to make a significant, measurable difference in students achievement when teaching with technology, it actually improved student grades by a full letter step.




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