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Best Child Internet Monitoring Software - PC Desktop Spy Keylogger

   Nowadays, parental control software like PC Desktop Spy Keylogger is quite popular on the Internet, this software is undetectable computer spy software that could record keystrokes and capture screenshots secretly. It allows you to know exactly what your kids do in internet when you are not at home.

This hidden keylogger allows you to stealthily log all keystroke activities of your children including username and password, messenger conversations and other keystrokes. It can also automatically capture screenshots of entire desktop or active windows at set intervals as an invisible camera. Furthermore, it supports to logs report delivery via email, you can monitor your kids remotely without any physical need. In order to supervise them to surf the Internet more safe and healthy. What’s more, this software can be set to auto run in the background once computer starts, log kids’ all activities secretly while they don’t notice it. However, this monitoring action has caused controversy in society: Is monitoring kids’ online activity good or bad for their healthy development?

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Should parent monitor kids’ online activity?

Some people consider minors’ privacy is rather important, it’s not only about children’s personality dignity, but also related to their healthy growth, so it must be highly respected and properly protected. While other people think parents’ custody and right to know are also significant, they concern much about kids’ healthy growth as well. Try to think, if your own kid is getting bad information through Internet, while you totally don’t know it, is it good for your kid? We must realize that it is both duty and right to guard our kids, for right, we must have the relevant method to realize the right, such as well informed and control of children’s personal information. In fact, both of the opinions are reasonable, it is just a question about how to balance the privacy of children and right to know of parents.

Proper way to use child Internet monitoring software

In the recent years, more and more children are indulging in Internet, this affects their health and mind development. So it very necessary to monitor their online behavior, parents can guide them of trouble and danger when there comes some questions. But kids at different age stage should be treat different because of their different physic and mental development, they have different requirement for privacy. As for younger children, their judge ability and self-control ability is poor, it is proper for parents to use PC Desktop Spy Keylogger to surveil their kids’ online behavior. But as for older children, their self-esteem is strong and have certain ability to judge right and wrong, parents should give priority to guide and communicate, instead of using hidden software to monitor them stealthily. The appropriate way is to tell them in advance that you have installed monitoring software in computer, in this way, they will be self-control when using computer, thus to achieve the purpose of surfing Internet healthily.


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