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How to Catch Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend Cheating Online

At present, Facebook, twitter, a variety of instant messengers, mail boxes, online chat rooms and dating sites bring you convenience to communicate with others, but at the same time, they provide chances for your boyfriend or girlfriend having affairs online. When you find yourself looking for excuse for your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s behavior or trying to convince yourself that they would never cheat, in fact you are suspecting strongly that the one you love is cheating on you. Of course, you want to know the truth, but if he or she is really unfaithful to you, he will not let you know. You want to check the browser history to see where he went, if he or she is smart enough, the history will be deleted, so you cannot get anything. Then, how can you catch your boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating online? PC Desktop Spy Keylogger and Voice Chat Spy Recorder is just what you need.

1. With PC Desktop Spy Keylogger
Installing this monitoring software in your lover’s computer, it can auto be in motion once computer runs. This hidden keylogger could secretly log all keystroke input, include text contents of instant messages, email, Facebook, twitter, log name and password etc. Thus you are able to know what your lover chatted with other person, whether they talked intimately or not. In addition, this great software can capture screen shot of computer timely, it can be as fast as every second, when your boyfriend or girlfriend was video chatting with someone, it can take quick pictures, let you know who he or she chatted.

2. With Voice Chat Spy Recorder
If your lover likes voice chatting with other person, this stealth recorder can help you to record his or her audio chat content clearly. No matter voice chat contents from MSN, Skype, Yahoo! Messenger, QQ, voice chat room, ICQ or any else, the recorded sounds will be saved automatically with high quality and can be played in any player. It allows you to easy find whether you are being two-timed by your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Some signs that your boyfriend or girlfriend may is cheating online

1. Online a lot, he or she always spends time on computer, and be very discreetly. He or she spends his or her time online when your not around, or sleeping, and likes hanging out in chat rooms and visiting pornographic websites. when you enter the room, he or she will stop chat or directly close webpage. Then you have reason to be alarmed.

2. Sudden need for privacy. He or she begins using password to protect computer activity, such as change password of instant messengers, mailbox, Facebook, twitter and online bank etc.

3. Lack of interest in you for an extended period of time is a warning sign. This is a way of saying I am just not that into you anymore. This could signal his or her bad intentions, maybe he is talking to someone else?



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