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How to Monitor Someone’s AIM Chats

AIM stands for AOL Instant Messenger, it is one of the most popular instant messengers in the United States. In this network age, instant messenger has become an indispensable part to our life and work, we need it to communicate with our relatives, friends, workmates and other people. Every coin has two parts, we can not ignore its some bad effects the same time when we speak highly of the advantages of instant messenger. In many cases, we urgently require monitoring software to help us solve some knotty problems related with computer or network. Here come two kinds of software to help us with AIM chats monitoring: PC Desktop Spy Keylogger and Voice Chat Spy Recorder.


How to monitor someone’s AIM text chats

Text chat is the most traditional chat way of instant messenger, by inputting text to dialog box, we can make a conversation with others. It is easy to monitor and log AIM text conversations with PC Desktop Spy Keylogger, this great software works in secret mode, it can record all username and passwords typed with program window caption, and log every letter that you input to dialog box, allows you to know who the monitored people chatted with, when and what content they talked. Maybe you will worry that keylogger can not log received messages, don’t worry, this wonderful stealth keylogger can take quick snap shots of AOL instant messenger windows and whole screen, when you view these pictures, you will feel you are standing behind he/she when he or she chats with others via AIM. A point worth mentioning is it can send recorded data to your specified mailbox automatically, therefore, no matter where you are, you are able to know what happened.


How to monitor someone’s AIM voice and video chats

Comparing with AIM text chat, voice and video chat are more convenient and faster, because we don’t need to take time to type words one by one, what’s more, we can hear our friends’ voice, even talk with them face to face. When we want to spy other people’s AIM voice or video chat, Voice Chat Spy Recorder is your most appropriate tool. No doubt, it is also an undetectable program, it works in background, need certain hot keys and password to access it, ensure you are the only one be ale to know and get into it. This hidden software can log sounds of AIM voice chat and video chat on the fly without interruption, the recorded sound with high quality can be saved automatically, and be played with any players. You can know exactly what contents they talked. Besides, this wonderful program is able to record other sounds in computer, such as streaming audio from Internet, audio from earphone and microphone, music played by online players; it can log sounds from peripheral equipment, such as sounds from cell phone, television, CD player, radio etc.


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